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    Toss it in the trash….:yup:
    remember …you don’t want to be a drinking parent.



    Absolutely throw the bottle out. Better yet, call your sponsor and throw it out with him there. That will take care of the next 5 minutes. After that, a longer range goal might be in order.

    @mcdonald2 2768500 wrote:

    Why is it when you don’t want to have a drink you go for it?

    For me, it was because I could not stand the way I was feeling. I needed to feel very differently, very quickly. You see, I suffered from a feeling of discontent, of maladjustment, of dis-ease, of boredom and restlessness. I suffered from a spiritual malady known as alcoholism.

    And booze healed me. It relieved the symptoms of that malady for a short time. It worked, until it didn’t. So even when I didn’t want to drink, or knew that I couldn’t, or suspected I’d get in all sorts of trouble when I came to next week, I still had no other way to relieve that pain inside me. I had no other treatment for that spiritual illness.

    After a time, the booze stopped working also. It no longer cured that dis-ease, not even for a short time. My drinking at that stage did not bring relief. Instead, it brought terror, confusion, fear, anxiety, panic. But still I drank. Because even though it wasn’t working any more, I still had nothing else. I ran on the hope that someday, maybe this time, that drink would bring the relief that it once brought.

    This is described as the jumping off place in AA. Where I can not imagine life with or without drinking. Where I got to know loneliness such as few do.

    Maybe you are there, and maybe you are not, but this is the admission ticket to AA’s program of recovery. Still want to fight it? That’s fine. Ready to give up? Then come along and we’ll show you what we have done to recover.

    abuse of aabb1st



    DUMP IT!!
    It cant tempt you if it isn’t there!!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 6 total)

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