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    my “life” is my thinking…….my experience was my thinking got a darn sight worse when i didnt have booze to quiet the noise….my life is unmanagable wether im drinking or not also.



    Re: The ‘misquoted Step 1’ article — Help for Alcoholics alcoholism alcohol drug addiction treatment recovery sobriety by Dallas B Copyright 1999 —
    The discussion of the ‘hyphen’ vs. the word ‘and’ is interesting but the conclusion escapes me. Setting aside alcohol obsession: Life for me is unmanageable also when I revert to old ideas (eg attempt to control others). Manageability means focusing on my attitudes & actions -the only areas within my control. And that sometimes requires asking for help.

    Wrestling with questions like One or two parts gets me nowhere.



    I look at it like this:

    A)We admitted that we are powerless over alcohol (This is the heart and soul of step 1)
    B)Our lives had become unmanageable (This is the lead into steps 2 through 12, and finding managability)


Viewing 3 posts - 7 through 9 (of 19 total)

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