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What the Big Book says about Step 5

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    We have admitted in confidence 78:22

    We have already admitted this in confidence to another person, but we are sure we would be imprisoned or lose our job if it were known.

    Most of us, sharing common character defects, bring similar types of trouble into our lives. Greed causes us to steal in large or small amounts, envy causes us to slander or gossip, sloth causes us to neglect our responsibilities, wrath causes us to lose control, gluttony causes us to seek more pleasures than are good for us, pride causes us to put up false fronts and lust causes us to damage our relationships. These defects, present in various degrees, have the power to control us until we admit to ourselves, to God and to another person, that they exist and ask God to remove them. Being free from the control of these shortcomings, we then take the actions described in the Ninth Step to bring our new found faith to life.



    Requires discussion 94:15

    He may rebel at the thought of a drastic housecleaning which requires discussion with other people.

    If we know ourselves well, we will be able to anticipate the suggestions our prospects will balk at. When we are new we are sometimes confused about the cause of our problems. A moral inventory followed by an admission of our faults to another person may seem as though it will not address our problems. Confusing pride with self-esteem, and humility with humiliation we think that admitting our faults to others will make us feel worse about ourselves. We may feel that if only we felt better about ourselves we would not drink so much. Our progress depends upon our willingness to abandon our old ideas and to give this new way of life an honest try. We find that the source of genuine self-esteem is humility rather than pride.


    I wanted to thank you for the time and effort you are putting into this. I always want to add my two cents to these Big Book posts of yours, but after I read them, there’s not much I can add.

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