What the Big Book says about Step 5 | 12 Step Meetings and Anonymous Groups - Part 5

What the Big Book says about Step 5

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    A lot went down and no questions asked?

    Do we learn form our questions or others answers?
    If it is answers why did we not get this long ago from our parents/police/friends/wife’s on and on.

    That’s why we had to 1st trust in God and 2ndClean house 3rd give freely of what we find.

    How does someone help another with their past when they were not even there? do we have something backwards?

    How many does it fearlessly as the Big Book BEGS US TO?
    How many does it out of fear imposed by others?
    How many has “PERSONAL” willingness? Instead of being told
    How many are scared or conned into it out of fear? instead of live and let live
    How many can love a drunk for who they are the way they are? Instead of want to change them
    How many think they have to help change another to stay sober themselves? instead of one drunk freely talking with another
    How many understand that help may not be help? carry the message not the Alcoholic
    How many don’t understand that it is a FREE GIFT given by God FREELY ?
    How many believe there duty is to administer the steps to another instead of being their friend and allowing them to live and let live?
    How many are responsible and able to look at the recovery rate today? 2%
    How many are accountable and do not care? 98%
    When was the last time you introduced someone to the fellowship of A.A.? Someone new not the many who already knew?

    The questions are long and endless so are the solutions as long as our relationship with him is right – God works miracles through people as long as the don’t claim it – a label is a claim and A.A. asks us not to use labels inside A.A. the Big Guy Little Guy arena is an illusion and the deletion we are like someone else “presently” has to be smashed – mutual and why? More answers than questions maybe?

Viewing 3 posts - 13 through 15 (of 15 total)

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