When do you know if your ready? | 12 Step Meetings and Anonymous Groups - Part 2

When do you know if your ready?

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    Hi intention
    “I found it easy to be willing to have God remove all the defects.”

    God can remove any character defect people can’t thats why we have jails.

    I was willing a lot I assure you just wasn’t done till I was ready.

    Have a good night sober friend Alike



    A shortcoming and a character defect are one and the same. Bill Wilson, who wrote the steps, was interviewed about this, he said he simply did not want to use the same words twice. So clearly they were the same to Bill Wilson.

    Have you finished step 5? It is time to take step 6. If you do not feel “entirely ready” (not just “ready” but “entirely ready”) then I suspect you have held something back at step 4 or 5.

    Time to talk to your sponsor.



    @dgillz 2555450 wrote:

    A shortcoming and a character defect are one and the same.
    Time to talk to your sponsor.

    Surely it’s time to take a closer look at a step as the delusions are astonishing as step two maybe real –

    Not having the “personal” willingness it takes to do step two is known as two stepping in A.A. which involves avoiding Step 3 A.A. calling on the bleeding deacons as the illusions can get astonishing.

    A.A.’s ideas of no human power can relive us is an interesting one to watch the as unbelievers in the A.A. ideas come and go like a stream not catching on to the part where A.A. states that God could an would if sought.

    You will know if your ready even when push comes to shove.

    A.A. is a place where alcoholism is well and alive that’s why its best to stay close to the groups away from the illusions and delusions that someone else is or even someone else is or was involved in my alcoholism –

    Thank God for the developed of prayer and on a privet individual base (alone) in morning meditation within instead of being easily diverted by the phone or religious ways and for my own good one more time mind ya .

    Trust in God first then clean House second and give freely of what you find third – is the great simple A.A. idea glad it was wrote down to look back on or may have gotten easily diverted.
    A.A. the greatest place to develop and watch
    One can deni what the hear but its harder to deni what we see
    Alcoholism cunning baffling and powerful beyond human aid thank God for the simple clear and basic steps.

    The steps are good and belong to anyone the Traditions of A.A. are Great and belong to A.A. alone many try and many fail yet A.A.’s message keeps on thanks to oractical earthly A.A. Tradition.

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