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When do you know if your ready?

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    Do i hear A.A. right that those that do not recover are those that cannot become honest “with themselves”?

    A.A is some good stuff



    steps 6 and 7 are , in my humble opinion, the most misunderstood of them all. For what its worth this is my understanding of them.

    In steps 4 and 5 I saw, analyized and shared the “nature” of my wrongs, the things that had been driving me to commit the harms and not necesarily the harms themselves.

    For me its was self centred fear, fear of losing what i had or not getting what i want, when i want it. Mix it up any way you like but the true nature of all my wrongs was self centred fear driving me to resentment, anger, self pity and destruction causing more fear and harm along the way.

    so what is it that i want to be willing to have removed by God……the self centred fear, the selfishness, the dishonesty and intolerant unloving behaviour is what i need hlp with.

    what i am really asking myself in step 6 is…”am i ready with gods help to change, to become a better person, to have my fears removed and start to become the person God wants me to be? How do i do this….. i trust in God, thy will be done not mine…..step 6 for me is a reconfirmation of step 3.

    i have seen the damage through living a life on self will and the reason i drank(no power) now i want to stop living that way and allow God to direct me, allow the God of my understanding to run the show,gain the power i need as a mental defence against the first drink.

    Am i willing to stop being selfish and be more selfless, think of others and put my life in Gods hands.

    If the answer is yes i am willing to have God remove my defects of character, the selfishness, inconsiderateness, dishonesty and intolerance.

    Will God wave his heavenly wand and all will be well………..will he balls………..i still have self will, i have to make a commitment that i want to change, use God as my constant guide to what decisions i make, how i make them,again thy will not mine be done.

    If i am ready to change and allow God to be my constant guide i am ready for step 7.

    Shortcomings??? where have i been falling short? As a father, a son, a friend, a worker etc etc etc Character defects are the behaviours i have had that i do not want, selfishness, dishonesty, fear, prejidice etc etc etc and my shortcomings are the things i want but am falling short of being , again a good father, son etc etc etc

    so i guess in a way they are the same thing or at least lead to the same thing but in themselves they are not, dont think the founder members would have give us two steps when one would have sufficed.

    being ready to change in step 6 is not the same as changing in step 7. I knew i was 100% ready to change when i started to make my amends, that showed a change inmy behaviour.

    if when we get to step 6 we are not ready to change we have not seen the simple truth that it is our behaviour of the past that is blocking out the sunlight of the spirit and keeping us firmly planted in a position of powerlessness and drinking. IE… if not ready to change we have not done the first five steps fully.

    when we see that it is our own selves causing our downfall we want to change, why? because if we dont we drink and to drink is to die, for an alcoholic like me anyway.

    having said all that if we expect God to change us with no effort on our behalf we are a long way from being restored to sanity. It is a program of action and our actions with Gods help and guidance bring about the change, an entire psychic one sufficient to bring about recovery from alcoholism and a life that is happy, joyous, free and beyond our wildest dreams, thats my experience anyway.

    steps 1 and 2 the problem and soluton

    step 3 my plan for living

    steps 4 and 5 i look at the past

    steps 6 and 7 i change my behaviour in the future

    steps 8 and 9 i take care of the past

    steps 10 and 11 i begin to truly live in the day

    step 12 i am freed and begin to practise these principles in all my affairs and pass a message of hope to those who want and need it.

    what a life, thank you God, thy will not mine be done

    May YOUR God go with you and keep coming back, it works when we WORK it.



    Ready for what? LOL

    You will know for it is what you do when your alone that will tell if ones ready or not – Take the steps they belong to everyone -The difference between a shortcoming and a charter defect -A shortcoming is when someone picks their nose –
    A character defect is when someone eats it LOL

    The ones that can work the Traditions belong only to those of A.A.
    Steps are good
    A.A’s Traditions are GREAT!!!!!!

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