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    Hi all

    I managed to avoid relapse for 6 weeks and this included a few social gatherings and events. I have been to AA meetings every week without fail and had actually gotten use to the idea of being the “sober driver” I actually was starting to regain my life, mariage and self respect BUT… That all changed on Friday night… Complacincy took over and I convinced myself that 3 glasses of wine was ok and that I can handle it… especially after 6 weeks… WELL how wrong I was!!! After that, later in the evening after all had gone to bed:headbange, I planned, scheemed and excicuted a binge session till 3AM and am back to square one.

    Why is it so hard to stay on the straight and narrow?



    I know where you are at I spent many years making three steps forward and two backwards.

    For me it took a whole lot of pain from consequences. I really had to be so sick of using so that I would be at the desperation stage and willing to do whatever it took to stay sober.

    When I got and stayed sober I remember being on my kees so broken screaming if there is a God help me.

    I haven’t had a relapse God willing in a little over 7 years now, but for 20 + years I was lucky to get 30 days at a time.

    It takes what it takes and it also takes a lot of work. I couldn’t expect to go to meetings every once inawhile and have the life I saw others having. See those people did the work to get that way.

    Don’t know if you relate to any of this or not? All I can really say is Keep Coming Back no matter what. Peace:welcome



    I really had to smash any doubt that I was not an alcoholic. Until I really took step one I could not move forward. Even though I convinced myself many times I had taken it, it wasn’t until I actually did that I began to get better.

    It sounds simple and it was – after I did it. It took many years of torment and experimentation, trying every possible way to drink normally before I had to give up, put my hands up and admit to myself that I was indeed alcoholic.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 24 total)

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