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    Why step 2? Just because?

    Step one a no brainer if you be alcoholic, needed to stop drinking
    Step two helps us even in despite of step three depending on how well we hang on and it seems the rest of the steps is about developing love for others amending things to make life a better place to live.

    What makes Alcohol cunning baffling and powerful?

    For this Alcoholic that’s why I am here

    IT WAS GOOD -At first alcohol assisted me in living, working being of service in the world around me.

    IT GOT BAD – alcohol seemingly so good started to go against “my will” an alcoholic calls them black outs as “Alcohol” which this alcoholic later understood it as alcoholism imposed in and on my life to a point “my will could not take it” meaning alcohol anymore and that’s why I came to Alcoholics Anonymous
    Did not have to take anything to drink more for it got too much as it was, I could no longer get to that peaceful spirit where only liquor/spirits brought to me as it felt good from the BEGINNING .

    IT GOT UGLY – As the responsible society of friends and family around keeping in mind as humans on this plant had and has many other problems including myself -I began using the spirits in alcohol to assist me in mind, body and spirit it is today the only acceptable thing that was of spiritual substance and legal from nature (not something manufactured simply brewed)

    I am glad I don’t have to blame all my problems on alcoholism today for every problem other than alcohol I have I have been shown hundreds of non-alcoholics having the same problem. I am glad that the Big Book mentions when ones own will is aligned with God use all you can not having to get into the trap of religious people to convince others they have a problem because they are doing it their way.
    I believe only an alcoholic knows what it’s like to be alone in a crowd. Others just say don’t do it alone
    I believe only an alcoholic believes that the spirit could and would if sought. Others say get a sponsor
    I believe the 3 pertinent ideas of A.A. Others believe in others.

    Some can think it’s them – others knows it’s about alcohol cunning baffling and powerful that’s only if one is alcoholic and who are we to say?

    If ONE can “TAKE step two with God” That “ONE with God will never be along again – others just work at it.
    More to it than a just because someone told you to.

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