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wine-aholic or alcoholic ???????????

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    This is my first time on this (or any alcohol addiction) site.

    I really dont know if im an alcoholic – im not interested in spirits, beer etc. however i feel i am addicted to wine.

    i have a 3 year old son and my husband works nights, so almost every evening after my son goes to bed, i feel its ‘me’ time. i open a bottle of wine and have at least 2/3 glasses. if i skip a night and go to bed early, i cant sleep – so i say to myself – i have to drink wine – it helps me sleep!

    when we go out for a meal – of course i drink wine – and another few glasses when we get home. i probibly drink wine 6 days out of 7.

    i crave wine, the taste of it, how it relaxes me, the feelling of holding a wine glass, i associate it with happy feelings and thoughts.

    however, i feel croggy in the morning, get in bad form easily, cant loose the 25lbs i need to and overall am getting a little bit depressed of the whole cycle.

    but am i an alcoholic or a wine-aholic.

    i just think, im here on my own in the evenings, after working a long day, my husband in work, my child asleep – surely i deserve something nice for myself…

    i know my limit and strangely when we go out socialising i dont really drink wine – i would have a few vodka, i think because i enjoy socialising and dont use alcohol as a confidence booster – im quite happy to go out and sip a vodka or 2.

    but at home on my own – i am using wine as my friend – my company?

    every day i say – i’ll be good and go to bed early and wont have a glass of wine – and then half and hour later – i cant help myself and pour a little glass… even one glass relaxes me… its like i use it as a little drug, im just so confused:c020:



    Wine = Alcohol.

    Its like saying “Am I a fisherman or an angler?”. They are one and the same.



    Hello Akiki, I think you have already answered your question by your own testimony. If you need and can’t go without anything regardless of what it may be, it’s a problem. And by the way, most wine has alot more alcohol then beer. I suggest getting help now. it will only increase beyond control. May God bless you and direct your path.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 51 total)

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