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wine-aholic or alcoholic ???????????

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    It took me a while to recognize that wine and beer is alcohol…just as lethal as the hard stuff…especially when I drink 4-5 glasses or more a day…and being without power to stop at one or two:headbange…not being able to manage moderation…having it impact my evening time with friends and family…. yes that’s all step one in a nutshell. Hello, my sister alcoholics. Time to get the Big Book and really listen this time to what it says.



    Wine has been my alcohol of choice. I was having a glass every evening the past several years. I didn’t start out that way, however. I began with a couple of glasses on weekends, then Wednesday and weekends, then Wednesday, Thursday and weekends. Then added Sunday to weekends, then Monday, Tuesday, too. Admitted I needed a little extra on those weekends. I couldn’t wait until 5:00 on weekends. Then obsessed about getting it. Plus, the glass didn’t give me the same “ah” feeling that had worked before. I tried to cut down, but that caused too much anxiety. I’m on day 12 and it has been hard not having any wine. Yes, it’s a drug just like other stuff, even if the red is supposed to be “good” for you. :gaah



    Have U tried not drinking wine for a few days….can you if not then you need to ask your self are you an alcoholic…..:a108: looks like your asking for help and this a start

Viewing 3 posts - 43 through 45 (of 51 total)

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