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wine-aholic or alcoholic ???????????

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    Zgardenbug13…:wavey:…Welcome to 12 Step National Meetings

    We members are not allowed to give medical advice but if I had
    a doctor tell me that any drinking was healthy for anything
    I’d find another doctor more aware of the dangers….:yup:

    Hope you will find your way into’s such a great way of life.



    :wave: ..Jersey1….Welcome

    I hope you and your husband are heading into a sober future…:yup:
    I’ve yet to meet anyone who told me they were proud and pleased
    that they had drinkers for parents.



    Wine was my choice, too. Only wine – nothing else. Never cocktails, spirits, beer, champagne. Just wine. Expensive wine, cheap wine, boxed wine…..a bottle a night, every night, for the last couple of years. Because I didn’t drink anything else, I felt I could justify not calling myself an alcoholic.

    Akiki, I nearly died after choking on my own vomit after JUST ONE BOTTLE OF WINE. No dinner, because I couldn’t be bothered to eat after cooking for my kids. That was IT. I was nearly a goner. That was 25 days ago, and I haven’t touched a drop since. Wine nearly took my life, as well as causing a whole bunch of other problems. I am glad you have posted on here, and seen the replies. You know, I think, what you need to do. All the best!

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 51 total)

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