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wine-aholic or alcoholic ???????????

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    wineoholic myself….drank it to get over anxiety of divorce and to sleep at night. Did it for 7-8 years. Usually a bottle….tried to convince myself that i was doing better by going to box wine because it has less bac…only to drink more cuz of that. I’m an alcoholic and been sober 18 days now. Every day is mixed with good and bad parts. The anxiety has been bad but the way my body looks is night and day. You know your body better than anyone so you know whether its addicted or not….but clearly sounds like it is. God bless, be strong and don’t be scared to fight the fight.



    golf69…well done on your sober time…:funjump:



    We have a whole new flock of new ladies on here!
    I can’t keep up!
    Go Carol!
    Welcome all. The wine, the wine, the wine.
    Oh and then the vodka, the brandy, the whiskey, the bacardi!
    I have been off it for 7 months Sunday.
    Feel better than ever before. 42 yrs old and I have just been reborn. Lost loads of weight. Sleeping well. Less stress. Lots of attention from boys. Peace and happiness.
    Do it ladies. Kick that stuff.

    One thing that has not improved, is my skin. I have been devouring inhuman amounts of chocolate and cake and cookies. BUT IT IS MEDICINAL! LOL

Viewing 3 posts - 49 through 51 (of 51 total)

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