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wine-aholic or alcoholic ???????????

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    Yes wine is fairly strong alcohol. I have heard of women getting chirrosis of the liver from drinking one bottle of wine a day in a year or two. It can kill you just the same as whiskey or vodka.

    I didn’t usually drink spirits and the delusion that I therefore couldn’t be an alcoholic nearly killed me.

    If you cannot stop drinking when you don’t want to drink, you have a problem, however you wish to label it.

    You say that you drink the wine to be nice to yourself but you also say that you feel groggy in the morning. Why would someone make themselves feel like that every morning to be nice to themselves?

    Addictions always get progressively worse. If you are addicted, what will you be drinking in a year or two in the future?

    Although you may not relate to alcoholics, many alcoholics will tell you they started just like you with their drinking.
    I hope you find your answers soon. Good luck.



    Dear Akiki,

    A very warm welcome to the 12 Step National Meetings Community :grouphug:! There are plenty of Irish on here and some with the exact same drinking profile as yours!! I was also a wine drinker in the evenings though I also used it as a confidence booster when socialising.. The fact that you have come to 12 Step National Meetings means you already realise you have a problem – like I did..

    You will get lots of very helpful advice, assistance, support and friendship here as I have gotten since joining. I’m 108 days sober today and wouldn’t be here without 12 Step National Meetings…

    There’s a group of newcomers meeting on a daily basis for ‘breakfast’ and daily support – here is the link incase you’d like to join us :-)!

    Please stay in touch and keep posting – get it out of your system and take it day by day!!!

    Big hugs mo chara,




    Using alcohol as a way to ease stress does not mean you are alcoholic. Alcoholism has to do with losing control after one starts to drink. It’s not the reason why a person drinks–for alcoholics there are no reasons. It’s what happens to a person physically after they start drinking.

    My suggestion would be to buy a copy of Alcoholics Anonymous and start with The Dr’s Opinion. If you can identify with this book, more than likely you are alcoholic. Alcoholics tend to relate very easily. I have met a handful of non-alcoholics who did not relate to it.

    Hope this helps.

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