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Withdrawing from Hydrocodone

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    :grouphug:Hi honey my name is bambie. I am a 26 yr old pill addict. I am also 8 months pregnant and my doctor prescribes me vicodin every 2 weeks and sleeping pills 1 time a month . both of which i abused heavely. i just flushed my sleeping pills down the toilet two days after i got them because my fiance said something to me that night that clicked….and I knew it was time to get help now or I would lose my family. I feel your pain, Im glad youre here. you are a strong person, and you are destined to overcome your obstacles. I will not discourage you in any way….as one addict from another, we know that does not work. take care honey and I hope to see you on again soon.:grouphug:



    welcome to 12 Step National Meetings MissBambie 🙂




    I see that the post is an old post from August, I’m wondering how you are doing, your story sounds almost exactly like mine, except for the wine, but my 1st drug of choice was cocaine/crack got clean from that about 7 years ago had went through 2 major reconstructive surgeries on both feet and legs and survived and I say survived bc I was literally on my death bed Meningitis this past May where I had a 24/7 main line of Diludid and oral Percocet needless to say I stayed on Oxycodone (5 mg wtihout the Tylenol) and anytime I ran out of that I bought Vicoden to avoid withdrawls until I could get more oxycodone. Well this past December my physician gave me a prescription for 240 oxycodone 13th of December and I was out day after Christmas. I had Vicoden to hold me over, but I decided I’ve had enough, I’ve maxed my credit cards up to 20 THOUSAND in dept, and bank account is in the negative. UGH you’d think I would have learned from my past experience with cocaine. I’m now into day 5 of my cold turkey withdrawal and WOW has it really sucked just as I had expected and so long feared. I have to say finding this site has tremendously helped me stay away from getting any more dope as that is NOT at all what I want to do. Earlier today I went through some very intense cravings and I just kept getting on this reading new and old post that provided me much support. This evening I’m feeling better, wore out like I’ve been through a battle, but feeling better. Hopeful that I’m nearing the end of the acute withdrawals. My plan now go to meeting tomorrow sit and listen, 90 meetings in 90 days get me a sponsor do the work for ‘real’ this time and start sponsoring myself. I went to treatment 7 years ago when I kicked cocaine, my husband went to CA, he still goes to several meetings a week CA and AA does step work and sponsors. He’s yet to relapse after 8 years on ANYTHING. I think I’ll stop fighting him and the 12 step stigma, have to if I want to live a happy life with my children.

Viewing 3 posts - 10 through 12 (of 17 total)

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