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Withdrawing from Hydrocodone

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    I’m wondering how you are doing with those pills, you said you flushed the sleeping pills, how about the Vicoden? I’m curious doesn’t your physian think your baby will be born addicted or will have to go through withdrawal? Just curious.



    I have been addicted to opiates going on 3 years now. I am 23 years old and my name is Kacey. I have a daughter named Kiah who will be three in may. I had a son who passed away Nov 29th 2009, my mother passed away July 28, 2010. Its been a hard and long year. Im ready to ring in the new year with sobreity!!! anyone else who is new to this please help me out!! just need strength and words of encouragement!:tyou



    I feel the same way bout having a better year i as well have a 2yr old daughter..im 23 and have been battling opiates for over a year now..it sucks im only 4 days clean n feel like trash. i hope things will get better for me n you as well.. good luck

Viewing 3 posts - 13 through 15 (of 17 total)

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