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Withdrawing from Hydrocodone

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    Welcome! Although I’m new to this site I’m not new to soberity or the struggle over getting off opiates or other drugs. I’m proud to say I have just gotten through the worst of my withdrawals after a long year of trying to kick including cold turkey, soboxone, and then never being able to stay off the oxycodone. Last Thursday I finally did it and with out the support of this website and a friend who has been going through this with me (friend on this site) together we have encouraged each other and received much encouragement from others. I’ve personally been using some type of substance starting with huffing, marijuana, alcohol from the time I was about 7 years old, I’m now 40! I’ve tried, used, abused everything and have done it all at once together (don’t recommend). I have 7 years clean off of cocaine, crack, alcohol, valium. I started with a 28 day treatment and then followed up with 12 step program. Over the last 3 years I’ve gone through 2 major reconstructive surgeries on both feet and legs (one at time each recovery took a good 8 months), I have a buldging disc in my lower back and in May 2010 almost died from meningitis, thus in 3 years I have never been able to get off the opiates. My doctor was still prescribing them to me my last was 240 oxycodone given on the 13th of Dec and I was out day after Christmas URGGG!!! I decided that I can’t live my life like this any longer as I’m also a mother to two beautiful girls and married for 18 years to an addict who has been clean for 8 years. Anyway I tell you all of this to let you know that you are NOT alone out there, I’m so sorry for your loss and pain, try to remember you still have Kiah who needs her mother and there is nothing more precious than our children. Please, hang in there, grieve the loss of your son, don’t numb it. Maybe attend support groups for parents who have lost a child, and start going to 12 step meetings there is amazing support there! Please post as much as you want, I will certainly be checking in to see how you are doing. Hang in there and know you are worth it and your are loved!



    They will get better, you just have to hang in there and keep posting, go to a meeting, get a sponsor and committ to staying clean. Good Luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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