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    A few weeks ago I heard the most awesome, simple, and truly profound thing I have ever heard related to Steps 6 and 7 — and it came from a very, very young woman, sober less than 6 months, who is currently on Step 4 and who was not even talking about these steps when she said it.

    Anyways, this person had been talking for several weeks about having to attend and upcoming family event at which she knew there was going to be an open bar and lots of out-of-control drinking. She was really scared — so scared that she often cried when she brought it up.

    So, the day after the event, she shows up and she is totally ecstatic — She had done the event and she didn’t drink. And, in the course of talking about it she said:

    You know, I was so scared that I was going to drink, and I couldn’t imagine going to this and not drinking, and every day I was crying about it and praying about it and saying to God: “God, I really need to to this thing, please have my back.” And yesterday I woke up and was like stressing about it before I was even awake and I started to pray: “God, I really need to do this thing, please have my back.” and all of a sudden I thought: “No — that’s not right; that’s backwards!’ So, instead I prayed: “God, I can’t do this thing, so please will You do it for me and I promise that I’ll have your back.” And so I went and I was fine and this morning I woke up and I was so happy I just wanted to jump up and down on my bed.




    That is the kind of thinking and praying that really works miracles.

    Whenever I’m not feeling right, or off, or not in good spiritual condition, I always ask myself who’s runnin’ the show today… If I am, well… there ya go!

    I needed to hear that today, I really started off wrong today, did a mini third step before lunch, now this…. things are better.




    thats great freya!


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