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Written 10th step? Join me?

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    I am new to the 10 th and 11th step. I am not doing very well…emotions just all over the place.

    Was I resentful? Yes…I am sad about my family problems and resentful that everything isn’t perfect.

    Selfish? Yes, can’t seem to get out of my head and will…constantly trying to fix problems.

    Dishonest? No.

    Afraid? Always.

    Do i owe an apology? No…except maybe to myself, for being so damn hard on myself.

    Have i kept something to myself? No.

    Was i kind and loving towards all? Yes, except maybe myself. I lost my temper with my son, but quickly apologized.

    What could I have done better? Given up my will to God, stopped all the “morbid reflection.”

    Was I thinking of myself? Yes.

    Or was i thinking of what I could do for others? No.

    I am asking God for his forgiveness and guidance. 30 sober days today.
    Have i kept something to myself

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