A sober living home in Lewiston, New York faced questions from multiple groups at a town forum after it was discovered that it had been operating in a residential neighborhood for a little under a year.

More than 30 people attended a Lewiston community board meeting last week to discuss the house.

Oxford House, a nationwide nonprofit that runs the home, addressed the concerns that residents had. An official from Oxford House illustrated that people who are concerned about how the sober living home is run can look it up online to ease any concerns they may have.

Meeting attendees consisted of Oxford House representatives, supporters and residents as well as local residents and opponents to the sober living home.

Oxford House started in 1975 with the very first sober living home being located in Silver Spring, Maryland. Oxford House does not buy the facilities it uses for addiction recovery services opting to rent each house that is used.

Oxford House’s entire purpose is to run a structure of self-supporting and drug free sober living homes. The number of people staying in each house can range from six to 15 with some facilities being for men and others that take women and children. There are over 2,000

Oxford Houses in the U.S., Canada and Australia, often with houses within a 100-mile radius of one another.