Hello, here. We are again at step 5 step 5 says admitted to God to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs admitted to God to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs once again, four and five go together. So we’re running into the same thing that we talked about. We’re going to join the human race again. We need to get rid of Al unrealistic shame the shame that call.

Causes us not to look at ourselves and we need to get rid of false pride. And that’s why we want to admit to God to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs. We have to understand that. We’re not the worst person that ever existed. We need to get rid of the disease of terminal uniqueness. But we want to really deal with is the elephant that’s in the room as they say we have an elephant in the room that we really don’t want to deal with you probably heard people say that we are as sick as our darkest secrets.

I mean, it’s no new thing that people are healed by confessing their sins. If you will to someone else Catholicism has been saying it for a long time. Perhaps the right way the wrong way they do it. I’m not into that method but they understood that if you tell somebody the things that you’ve done it has some sort of spiritual power not only that for psychiatrist understood that you lay on the couch and you just talk things out and they set their in a non-judgmental way is best.

As they could it has some kind of healing power even in the other book The Big Book the good book, whatever you want to call it. It says confess your sins one to another that you may be healed. It’s something about taking things out of the darkness and bringing them into the light that gives us power and diminishes the power of the darkness or the negative side of life. And so this is what this step is about that we want to admit to God to ourselves and to another

Human being the exact nature of our wrongs this goes against our will this goes against that perverted will that we have because we want to keep everything secret and tucked away. We don’t want people to know or look down on us, but if we are moving in the direction of recovery, we should be at the point now that we’re willing to do some things that we didn’t want to do as a matter of fact, somebody said, the only thing I addict needs to learn to do to stop.

Being an addict is to learn how to say no to himself addict has to begin to do things that go against themselves. Sometimes people come and they say I want help. I want to help I want to help but I’m not telling them people my story. I’ll do anything. I’ll do anything. I’ll do anything but I’m not telling them people my story. It’s something deep down inside of us that wants to hide and and the people that came up with these steps understands that we can break the power of our addiction if

Tell it to God to ourselves and to another human being now. A lot of people don’t have any problem telling it to God. They figured he knew it anyway, but then there are other people actually thing taking hottie from God that God doesn’t know as long as they don’t say it as long as they don’t put it out there then it’s not really real but I suggest that we get down to brass tacks and actually again pray. I’m sorry to say to those. I’m not saying be religious I’m saying be spiritual some people pray one way some people pray another way some people think about it.

Whatever way you do it get in touch with your higher power and admit the exact nature of your wrongs to your higher power your loving higher power. Okay, you have to admit it to God, but then there are some things we don’t even want to admit to ourselves.

That causes all kinds of neurosis, you know people go into denial you ever seen a person that someone in their family died a year or so ago and they’re still setting the table for that person. They’re still waiting for that person to come home. Everybody knows that there’s a sickness there some kind of denial and a lot of us have done things that we just don’t want to admit to anybody. I’m taking this to my grave we say well you may take it to your grave earlier than you would have too. If you would only admit it.

To another human being we need to admit the exact nature of our wrongs. Let me say it again. You are sick as your darkest secret and you are not that unique that your dark secret is something that no one else has ever done. You have not done anything new Under the Sun so get over it. You’re not that unique. Yeah, maybe but maybe bad. It may really be back. It may be illegal it make a call some problems if too many people knew.

And that’s why you have to choose who you tell it to with Prudence. You have to be wise about I would suggest you pray about who you’re going to tell now, of course, you have some clergy that are bound by their vows not to tell another person you have counselors that if they would tell another person can be sued, you know, they are bound by the law except for a certain things and you need to make sure that if it has anything to do with molesting a child or if it has anything to do with her.

Homicide or something then by the state. They may beat that week. They are required to tell it so don’t go to a counselor with something like that. But but there are other people of course sponsors that you could speak with and tell these things we need to tell another human being the exact nature of our wrongs and what do we mean by exact nature? We mean no brush over don’t just say yeah. I have a problem with jealousy know when were you problem? When were you jealous? And when did you act on that jealous?

And why were you jealous? Was it because of your fear was it because of your insecurities wasn’t because of your low self-esteem. Now, I’m not saying you have all that Insight right now that you know yourself that well, but you did a moral inventory. You should know some things and based on that mole inventory. What’s the exact nature of your loan if you slapped your wife? Why did you slap did you slap because you was in a blackout and you really don’t know. Why okay, but did you slap her and you understood that you slapped a because you have a problem with

with anger and you have a problem with control issues and you have a problem with women speaking to you a certain way because your mother used to abused you verbally, you need to connect the dots understand the exact nature of your wrongs and sponsors can often help with that counselors can often help with that and we know the higher power can help us with that talk about the exact Nature’s of your own. Why did you do it? What I find is that when many people jumped the hurdle

and actually do this step they find out that they’re sponsoring other people have done the same thing that they’re done that they have done and that they are not that bad they’re really not that bad it’s the boogie man that wants to keep you from progressing up this role of happy Destiny I’m telling you I’m telling you as best I can and humility that if you do the fifth step you’re going to have a freedom that you never knew as a matter of fact the big book says that after you do the fist step fifth step you should go home for about an hour and get

Sell some lemonade or something just sit down for an hour relax and enjoy the spiritual significance and the spiritual power and hopefully probably some emotional things that are going to be going on that you have been set free and that you are joining the rest of humanity now while I’m talking kind of fast, but I know I know it’s scary to think about telling anybody.

The exact nature of your own some people been molested. Some people have molested. Some people have cheated on their wife their husband.

Some people have been involved in and I’m not coming down against anybody but some people have been involved in homosexual activity and don’t consider themselves a homosexual. It’s just today they did it in their addiction. Maybe they are homosexual. They don’t want anybody to know her name on the down-low. I mean, it’s so many things that could go along with this step that are scary that just a fast-talking person can’t convince you to do it. I’m not really trying to convince you to do it. I’m going back to the fact that these steps.

We’ll put together by a group of people who spoke in the past tense. We admitted that we were powerless over auditions. What are they saying? They’re not saying that they’re continually recovering recovering recovering. They say they have recovered that they have a solution that you don’t always have to Crave what you’re craving the promise of this step the promise of the fact that if you do this, you can be recovered not continually.

Running around scratching and clawing and hoping you don’t do wrong again. You can actually recover from what has happened to you. But you have to be a man enough a woman enough of grown enough to go through with this step.

They say they suggested steps, but the big book says anyone who doesn’t go through with these the fourth and the fifth step that their their Foundation of recovery will be precarious. I think that’s how you say the word precarious another word. You could slip and fall anytime you could slip and fall and how many people have we seen in the room two years five years ten years bam, they slip and fall and bump their heads people been in the rooms five years committing suicide now that may be a

Imbalance, but it could be other things people been in the rooms 10 years and now they’re gone they out. They’re gone again doing what they were doing for 10 more years. What happened? What was the problem?

Well, maybe they never really told anybody the exact nature of their wrongs. I’m not saying this magic in this step. I’m saying that I teaches us humility it teaches us that we’re not that unique. It helps us to rejoin the human race and my God, it helps us to forgive ourselves.

It helps us to forgive ourselves and don’t you want to forgive yourself?

Aren’t you tired of beating yourself down and making yourself think you’re the worst person in the world, aren’t you tired of holding your head down or walking around in Faust vibrato, but inside you don’t feel like anything aren’t you tired of having something down in the crevices of your life saying I hope they don’t find out. I hope they don’t find out aren’t you tired of having an elephant in your living room sick and tired of being sick and tired. What am I doing? I’m pleading with you.

My own experience that you do the step. I’m not telling you something. I just reading a book. I’m not telling you something thatthat you do it but I don’t have to do I taste it the pie. I’ve walked up the road. I’ve been in a lock-up. I’ve done it. I’m not going to universalize my experience and say that what you’ve done may not have more ramifications. Then the things I’ve done maybe it will

but what I’m saying to you is that there have been hundreds and thousands maybe even millions of people that have done this and they keep coming back saying that it’s set them free. It had a spiritual significance to it that they are glad that they’ve done it now Choose Wisely. Yes Choose Wisely there have been people who went out and gossiped about some things. They are not going. I’m not going to lie to you there have been people that have told some things that they should not have told. I’m not gonna lie to you.

Easy does it in choosing a person easy does it but do it easy does it but do it don’t put this thing on the back burner until next year this time? How long do you want to be sick? Do you want to recover?

You don’t have to be recovering be covering the covering be covering for the next 10 years you can recover and I believe this step will open up the archway to have an amateur and a sound recovery and a joyful recovery. These are the people you see laughing in the rooms not crying in the rooms always given drug a logs and drunk a logs and talking about yesteryear why they’ve been set free.

Them that they don’t have to stay in that for the rest of their life.

My friend, I don’t know if you need a treatment center right now. And I don’t know where you are. I wish I could touch you and hold you in somehow just just look at you and tell you the boogeyman is a lie.

Did you do something bad? Is it terrible? That’s not a lie. Could it have legal ramifications? Probably could.

But there are more people in jail inside their own mind and their own suffering and conscious Consciousness suffering and in dilt and shamed and they are behind the physical bars.

I want to set you free.

From the chains that bind you in the Inner Man in the in a woman.

Excuse me for saying I want to I can’t do it. The higher power can do it.

I believe the higher power has given us these tools that you might be set free. I plead with you to do some serious thinking about some serious praying about it and believe that the third step that you took that there is a loving God that will protect you as you deal with imperfect human beings because whoever you tell it to is going to be an imperfect human being

I believe that God’s Got Your Back.