A Limerick woman who was sexually assaulted and raped as a child, is to launch a new “12-step” support group programme for abuse survivors.

Leona O’Callaghan has revealed her traumatic abuse and has bravely waived her anonymity, to help other victims find a path to survival.

The mother of three will hold the inaugural meeting of her group Survivor Support Anonymous in Limerick city centre at 7pm on Wednesday. The group is aimed at helping survivors of sexual, physical, and domestic abuse.

The group, which is free to attend, is based on a unique 12-step programme for men and women over 18, explained Ms O’Callaghan.

“We have formed adapted versions of the 12 steps that have helped so many recover from addictions and mental health difficulties in AA, GROW and other 12-step recovery groups,” she said.

The “peer-led group” will aim to help abuse victims “gain the skills, confidence, and ability, to live fulfilling lives in spite of their trauma of abuse”.

Leona has described how she was abused by a man for two years from the age of 12.