Are you facing an addiction? I know it’s often hard to try to get the help you need to overcome your problems, but consider a good 12 step program. Yes, there’s been a lot of information out there about 12 step programs, but we often dismiss how powerful they can be.

A 12 step program is intended, first, to recognize the problem, and then take a series of actions that will help you change your behavior. You want to make the change so that it becomes a deep part of you. Each step suggests the next, and will help you on your road to substance addiction recovery.

First it is necessary to admit that you cannot control your addiction. Sometimes this is called “giving up” or “letting go”, so you can turn you addiction over to a Higher Power for strength. Once you turn the problem over to the Higher Power, you’re free to take a moral inventory and admit to yourself what’s going on and how it needs to be changed. Often you’ll want the help of a sponsor. But that’s not all.

In a 12 Step Program, You Need to Make Amends

After you’ve let go and accepted your issues, you’ll need to do your best to address the wrongs you’ve committed in the grips of your addiction – making amends if you can. Afterwards, you’ll be more committed to live with your new code of behavior and abstaining from the substance that has had you in its grip. As you do this, you’ll find the strength for the final step. You will be able to help others, perhaps being a sponsor yourself so that you can help others work through the 12 step program and on to a better life.