3 Month Rehab: Can I Go Less Than 3 Months?

Not all rehabs offer a 3 month rehab program. In fact most people go to rehab for thirty days. Though there are definitely those who need to go to rehab for a lot longer because thirty days isn’t long enough for them to be out of their environment and away from their addiction. They need ninety days of complete separation from the outside world to fully battle their addiction problem. Some people after problems with the law instead of jail are ordered to go to a ninety day rehab program.

Family Treatment: How Do I Get My Family In?

If you have more than one person in your family whether it’s your husband and your son or your parents that needs family treatment talk to a few rehab centers about getting your both of your family members help. Sometimes it’s not so much about checking with your insurance company and the rehab to make sure they have room for both members of our family but about how to convince both of your family members that they need help and that they both need to go to rehab now.

Addiction Rehabilitation Services: When You Really Don’t Want To Go

Addiction rehabilitation services are not something every addict electively checks into. Sometimes it’s not until the addict has had an intervention put together in their honor that the addict agrees to go to rehab even though they don’t want to go. Usually, in these cases the addict feels ganged up upon and like everyone is telling them that if they don’t do this they aren’t going to talk to them anymore. The fear of losing one’s family is more than the addict can bear so they agree to go.