Withdrawal Symptoms: How come that the majority of so called “social drinkers” or “alcohol consumers” who drink moderately are able to stop drinking immediately with hardly any will power and without suffering from any of the side effects. Whereas heavy drinkers and alcoholics are guaranteed alcohol withdrawal symptoms, be it mild or severe. The symptoms suffered as a whole caused by the cessation of alcohol intake are known collectively as “alcohol withdrawal syndrome”.

The majority of withdrawal symptoms suffered are physical and include headaches, upset stomach, feeling sick and vomiting. There are also psychological symptoms caused through alcohol withdrawal such as mood swings, nervousness, jitters and anxiety. And just to add to these, your body can also experience body temperature and heartbeat increases as well as breathing difficulties.

A loss of sleep, insomnia accompanied by bad dreams, loss of appetite, sweaty or clammy palms and skin, uncontrollable eyelid movements and dilation in the size of the pupils are other common symptoms of sudden alcohol withdrawal. All these can be easily treated with prescribed medication.

Serious Symptoms: Just to add to the list there are also quite a few serious withdrawal symptoms. On the whole anyone who does manage to kick drinking won’t suffer from the following, but a small percentage do suffer from seizures, hallucinations and delirium tremens, all of which are accompanied by a state of anxiety, confusion and hallucinations. Don’t waste any time in going to seek medical advice.

In fact, it is important for even those people who suffer from mild or moderate alcohol withdrawal symptoms to consult a medical practitioner regarding these symptoms. This is because most people who experience withdrawal symptoms, turn back to alcohol, only to try giving it up again later on. However, with every attempt at quitting, withdrawal symptoms are known to increase in intensity, therefore it is advised that you get treated for your symptoms the first time round only so that you can also quit at the first attempt itself.