Meth Detox Program Options

For those who have succeeded in finding lasting sobriety from methamphetamine addiction, the knowledge that there is a path to recovery is sure. A detox program is the beginning to a path of personal discovery and freedom. There are tens of millions of individuals who have traveled this path, and though every individual journey is different, the odds of maintaining long-term sobriety are improved by taking certain actions.

12 Step Rehab Center For Methamphetamine

For those who are attempting to get sober from meth for the first time, the term 12-step rehab center may seem foreign. Those who are familiar with Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12-Steps to recovery prescribed by the main text of AA understand it to be a practical and spiritual guide to recovery from alcoholism, and it has been successfully applied to meth addiction as well. While no two addiction problems are exactly alike, there are some aspects of addiction that all addicts share. A 12-step program of recovery when combined with a rehab center staffed by addiction counselors can be the key to recovery for many individuals.

Recovery With A Drug Addiction Therapy Program

Some individuals choose a path of home living sober, where the practice of daily recovery is enforced by living with other sober living individuals. This is a transitional path which leads to reintegration with ordinary living without the use of alcohol and drugs. At a sober living facility an individual can expect to receive support from peers, regular attendance at 12-step meetings and responsibility requisite with the changing demands of maintaining a sober lifestyle. This is often a desirable alternative to facing early sobriety without the support of a drug addiction therapy program.