Codependency occurs when a person focuses on another’s behavior and problems as a means of avoiding his own issues or pain. It is common for friends and family members of alcoholics or drug addicts to become enmeshed in codependency. To enhance recovery from this style of interaction, it is important to find a codependency support group to help you. By following these steps, it will be possible to find a codependency support group that meets your needs.

Access the “Find a Meeting” tab on the official website for Codependents Anonymous, and search for a codependency support group by your local area.

Utilize the Al-Anon meeting locator found on the Al-Anon website. Al-Anon meets weekly in many locations throughout America and is designed to support persons who care for alcoholics. Al-Anon is a distinct and separate support group from Alcoholics Anonymous.

Ask for a referral to a support group from a counselor or medical professional who specializes in codependency. Often these professionals will organize their own codependency support group, or have access to one.

Inquire of your local Alcoholics Anonymous support group about information on codependency support groups in your area. Alcoholics Anonymous support groups often seek to meet the needs of both the alcoholic and those who care for them, and can refer you to local resources in your area.