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    An addiction is a dependency on a substance that interferes with normal functioning, and addiction to pornography and sex is a whopper. In future articles, you will learn that pornography and sexual addictions are a form of substance abuse, and are more powerful than alcohol and many drugs. This article will focus on a proven path toward recovery.

    The vast majority of porn and sex addicts do not seek out NLP intervention on their own. Why? Because even when they realize the need help, taking the first step out of the darkness of anonymity and secrecy to face the problem is extremely difficult. Porn addiction is all around us, affects nearly every family, yet it is very difficult to talk about. There’s no ignoring that the stigma runs very deep. Additionally, a “successful” addict will also have constructed layers upon layers of deception and excuses behind that fake smile, most of them unconscious, and all of them designed to keep the secrecy and addiction alive. The addiction is a carefully constructed house of cards, some years in the making. The most common and devastating deception for the addict is that old story of “this is the last time”. 500 episodes later, the addictive mind still acts as though this were true.

    When finally caught, or when feelings of guilt reach a certain threshold, some few may seek help through their church, most of which actively battle pornography on many fronts, and offer methods based on prayer, repentance and abstinence. Often there are undercurrents of guilt and spiritual punishment which can actually strengthen the obsessive/compulsive cycle that fuel the addiction. As that cycle continues to deepen, many spiritual, sensitive and intelligent addicts deaden socially, and far too many seriously consider suicide. Does any of this sound familiar?

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