A person’s sexual activity may or may not coexist with psychological problems. Many times people who prefer sexual behaviors outside the mainstream are completely psychologically healthy, and certainly not “sex addicted.” However, counselors of all types are seeing increasing numbers of clients with problematic sexual habits that are causing a great deal of pain. These might be addictions to Internet porn, compulsive masturbation, molestation, the compulsive pursuit and abandonment of women, or infidelity. It is estimated by Dr. Patrick Carnes that 3-6% of the population meets the criteria for sex addiction.

One of the ways to tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy sexual activity is the degree to which a person feels out of control of their behavior, or that it hurts themselves or other people. If something feels this way to you, find the help of a counselor or program who will not judge you and help you to continue on your journey toward greater sexual health.