Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors help addicts that have problems with alcohol and drugs. They counsel addicts who are addicted to drugs, helping them identify behavioral problems related to their addiction. Counseling may be done on a one on one basis, but is frequently done in a group setting. Substance abuse counselors will often also work with addicts family members; who are directly affected by the behavioral problems and addictions of their loved ones. Counselors also conduct programs aimed at preventing addictions.

Choosing the right Drug Counselor

As you evaluate a potential counselor, there are some questions that you should ask that may provide valuable insight into how good a match the counselor is for you. You can ask for further details during the initial phone call to the counselor (usually the first phone call is quite brief and primarily focused on setting a first appointment), or during your first meeting.Basic questions to ask that will help you decide if a drug counselor is right for you include:

1. What expertise do they have with dealing with addicts and drug addiction?

2. What do they think is usually the cause of most addicts problems?

3. What are their fees?

4. What would my appointment schedule be?

When you feel confident that a particular drug counselors overall qualifications meets your needs, you’re ready for your first appointment. You might be feeling nervous during this initial conversation with the counselor; it may still offer an opportunity to evaluate how clearly you are able to communicate with one another and how the rapport feels. Remember, you are the one doing the choosing.It’s important to remember that counseling is a much richer experience than just problem-solving. The foundation of good counseling is the relationship you and the counselor build together. Because this relationship is going to be so crucial to the effectiveness of your therapy, it is essential you find someone with whom you feel a comfortable connection, someone who makes you feel understood and accepted, a counselor who creates and maintains an environment within which you can feel safe to explore even the most deeply felt sources of pain or conflict.