Food Addicts Anonymous is a support organization created in 1987 to help people deal with unhealthy eating habits. Thousands of people have attended Food Addicts meetings around the nation in an effort to deal with overeating and weight gain. You can join a Food Addicts Anonymous meeting in your area and commit to their 12-step program.

Manage Overeating With the Help of Food Addicts Anonymous

Read through the 12 steps involved in joining Food Addicts Anonymous. These 12 steps begin with realization of your overeating issues and end with a commitment to helping others find a way through their self-image issues.

Review the literature promoted by Food Addicts Anonymous to ease your path through the 12 steps. Food Addicts Anonymous recommends various cookbooks and how-to manuals on following their diet as well as coping with overeating issues.

Follow the Food Addicts diet to the letter to see results after you join the group. The diet dictates the consumption of proteins, fruits and fiber 4 times throughout the day to encourage efficient metabolism.

Reinforce good eating habits in your home and office by removing unhealthy foods after you join Food Addicts Anonymous. You do not need to reveal your membership in the organization but it is simple to encourage better diets to friends and colleagues through nutritious foods.

Tell friends and family members with eating issues about the secret behind your progress as you complete the 12 steps. Several steps involve asking forgiveness from people you have hurt. These discussions allow you to speak to people about the virtues of Food Addicts Anonymous.

Search for Food Addicts meetings in other cities if you are on vacation or on a business trip. You need to maintain your commitment to the 12 steps and abstinence from unhealthy foods no matter where you are. Your group leader will have access to a list of meetings for Food Addicts members anywhere you go.

Access Food Addicts Anonymous online if there is not a group started in your area (see Resources below). The Food Addicts Loop allows you to speak to fellow members and group leaders online or via teleconference to help you deal with your eating problems.