If your partner is addicted to smoking marijuana, take these steps to help him quit. Remember that you’ll only be able to help him if he is truly serious about his decision to quit smoking marijuana.

The first thing you need to do is talk to your partner. Find out if he truly wants to quit and then come up with a plan and quitting date together. Don’t ever put pressure on him. Otherwise your partner may withdraw and resort to smoking marijuana behind your back. Try to stay positive and keep your partner feeling as happy and relaxed as possible.

Ask your partner to flush all of his remaining marijuana down the toilet. If he is reluctant to do so, it could mean that he is not truly ready to quit. If that is the case, give him some time to think over the decision.

Get rid of all marijuana-related paraphernalia in the house. That includes smoking devices, rolling papers, incense, cigars and lighters. Also get rid of any posters, music, movies, magazines, or anything else with references to marijuana. However, don’t take this step without getting your partner’s permission first. Otherwise you may upset him. If he is serious about quitting, he shouldn’t have a problem with it.

Keep oral substitutes for marijuana smoking such as gum, herbal cigarettes, toothpicks and hard candy handy so you can give them to your partner anytime he has the urge to smoke. Encourage your partner to find other ways to relax and relieve stress besides smoking such as biking, walking, yoga or hiking.

Make plans for you and your partner to hang out with your non-marijuana smoking friends. Cut off all contact with friends who are marijuana smokers to avoid giving your partner the temptation to smoke. By spending quality time with friends who aren’t smokers, your partner will realize that it is possible to have fun without smoking. Since marijuana addiction is purely psychological, it helps to stay busy and keep your partner distracted. Get out often and enjoy fun activities together to keep your partner’s mind off weed.