Letting It All Out At An Addiction Rehabilitation Center

You may surprise yourself at an addiction rehabilitation center. If you are someone who doesn’t tend to talk about their problems and keep to themselves then you’ll probably be surprised at how much information you spill while in rehab. Addicts tend to be pretty vulnerable in rehab. They have gone through a grueling detox program and are now in therapy. Their emotions are all over the place. It’s a very humbling experience and sometimes they talk about things they’ve never talked about before.

Moving On After Alcoholism Treatment

One of the hardest things for an addict to do sometimes if move on after alcoholism treatment. In rehab you do a lot of work on yourself but you are in a safe protected environment to do that in. Sometimes when you leave rehab you feel you are a changed person. You feel you cannot go back to your life the way that it is and be sober. You have talked about so many things that you’ve never talked about before. The only problem is your family and friends are still the same. It can take time for them to adjust to the new you.

Getting Your Wife Into Addiction Therapy

Sometimes it’s harder to get a woman to admit she has an alcohol problem. Women tend to be prim and proper and therefore do not want to be viewed any other way. Women also have lower tolerances a lot than men do. Therefore, your wife may say that she isn’t an alcoholic she just has a low tolerance and really needs to watch. Maybe having someone from addiction therapy come to the home and talk to you guys is a good idea.