Addiction Treatment: When Everyone Has Given Up

Just because your friends and family have given up on the idea of you ever being rehabilitated doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t seek addiction treatment. It may hurt but it doesn’t matter that they are no longer hopeful that you’ll make a recovery. Recovery is all about the addict wanting to recover and not about the people in his life wanting him to recover. You will never get better unless you want it. You can’t want it for someone else you have to want it for yourself.

Addiction Therapy: A Detox For Your Body And Soul

Detox isn’t just about removing drugs and alcohol from your body it’s also about clearing your mind and your body so that you can think rationally again. Until you enter addiction therapy the drugs and alcohol that you’ve been abusing make your thoughts and actions blurry. Once you go through the process of detox and rehab you mind is clear and you can actually make logical decisions. Before you couldn’t think clearly because your judgment was so clouded, now you are able to.

Medical Detox: When Just Quitting Isn’t Enough

Quitting drinking or doing drugs on your own isn’t also a success way to stop abusing drugs and alcohol. Usually, people who drink and do drugs know they have a problem and either don’t want to admit it or don’t want to surrender to it. A lot of times in those situations instead of entering a medical detox the addict will try and take on their addiction on their own. When they do that they can be successful short term. They can quit and feel like they have the disease under control but then the start to think they can have one drink, two drinks and before they know it they’re abusing alcohol or drugs again.