Alcoholism Treatment: When Your Wife Has Left You

A lot of times by the time an addict finally gets help they have already lost their wife and family. They’ve resisted getting alcoholism treatment for so long that their wife finally said enough is enough and walked out on the marriage. You walked out years ago when you chose alcohol over your wife and kids. It’s a hard lesson to learn and even harder to finally decide to get help and have to go at it alone. Your wife may never take you back but you are saving your own life at this point and no matter what you decision to get well is a good one.

Addiction Therapy: When You’re A High Powered CEO

If you’re a high powered CEO that means you never have any time for anything other than work. It can cause a lot of undue stress and the only way that you’ve been able to manage it is by drinking at lunch and at night after everyone has gone home. You drink instead of eating dinner and you’ve completely checked out of your family. Your wife is managing the house alone but it’s hard. The hardest part about it is you know you need addiction therapy but you don’t know when you have to the time to get it. Yes, it’s hard admitting you have a problem but what is really more important your business or your health?

Addiction Treatment Services: When You Need To Help A Friend

Just because you haven’t spoken with your friend about their problem doesn’t mean you can’t go and seek out the advice of addiction treatment services. A lot of times talking to someone first and getting all the facts squared away in your head is helpful before approaching your friend about their problem. You don’t want to go in cold. You want to have some information tucked away because your friends is going to deny they have a problem and therefore you are going to need to stand tough with the knowledge that you have.