If you’ve been struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, you may have heard the words “12 steps” before but never “12-steps to freedom”. These are the most important steps you can take when you’re battling addiction. They can lead you to the life of sobriety you’re searching for. If you take your 12 step program seriously, you have a good chance of saving your life. Remember that you are still in control of your life. It’s when we let our addiction consume us, that we lose sense of ourselves.

The first step to sobriety is admitting that your addiction has taken over your life. Because of your drug or alcohol problem, your life is in shambles. You may be in debt, jobless and your family may have abandoned you because of your addiction choices. Once you can fully admit you’ve let the monster take over your life, the sooner your healing process can start. Through these 12 steps, you will learn the ways you can slowly pick up the pieces of your life and resume control over yourself and your actions.

Faith in 12 Steps

Belief in a higher power such as God can be a large boost of strength when you’re going through the 12 step program to recovery. Many of us believe in the power of prayer and forgiveness. Having a strong religious background to help you through your difficult journey can be most effective. Having faith in your God is important, but having faith in yourself is crucial to survive the course. Understand that nothing that is meant to change your life is easy. You can expect a rollercoaster of emotions to sneak up when you least expect it. Be strong and keep moving forward with your 12 step program. Defeat the drugs or alcohol addiction that has beaten you for so long and get your life back on track.