Why is it so hard to stop smoking? What can you do to help you win your battle to beat your nicotine addiction? The first thing you must embrace is that you are both mentally and physically dependent on the nicotine and the need to smoke. Most smokers become tolerant to nicotine levels over time. They gradually increase the number of cigarettes inhaled each day just to satisfy their need. The American Cancer Society confirms that nicotine is as addictive to a smoker as heroin and cocaine are to an addict.

One method to quit smoking that has proven more successful than going “cold turkey” is utilizing nicotine replacement. Just as a heroin addict will usually require methadone to stave off withdrawal, there are also unpleasant symptoms with a nicotine addiction. These symptoms can include dizziness, headache, sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression and irritability. A nicotine substitute will assist in alleviating these indicators of withdrawal, which usually commence shortly after having the last cigarette and can continue for several days.

Even with nicotine replacement therapies, many smokers do not experience success with their first attempts to quit smoking. Often additional assistance, such as a support group or network of family and friends are required. Many agencies, like the American Cancer Society or Nicotine Anonymous groups provide free support groups as well as hot lines to call when the urge to smoke strikes. Although some people will be successful with a nicotine substitute alone, most will require support to break the mental bondage of their nicotine addiction.

It doesn’t matter how many times it takes you to stop smoking, the crucial issue is win back your health. Within twenty minutes of having your last cigarette, your blood pressure and heart rate drop. The carbon monoxide levels in your bloodstream reduce in less than twelve hours after your last cigarette. Your overall health improves daily till after one year of abstinence from your nicotine addiction, your risk of coronary disease has dropped 50%. This alone is worth winning in your battle to end your smoking habit.