On-Line Gamers Anonymous is a self-help fellowship. OLGA share its experience, strengths and hope to assist in recovery from the problems caused by excessive game playing, whether it be computer, video, console, or on-line. Its community includes recovering gamers, family members, loved ones, friends, and concerned others. OLGA knows how cunning, baffling and destructive excessive game playing can be. It can be devastating to the real-world lives of gamers and to those close to them. OLGA/OLG-Anon provides a resisted for open discussion, support, education and referrals. OLGA advocates and provides a 12-Step Program of recovery. For those who are interested in a formalized meeting approach, OLGA provides both a traditional 12-step program and a modified program for atheists and agnostics.

OLGA strengthens its selves by helping one another. Participating in OLGA/OLG-Anon is a healing jitney for all of us. OLGA respects the need for privacy and asks all who choose to participate agree to this: Who you see here, what you hear here, when you leave here, let it stay here. Thank you for its castes.
OLGA Offer Support Its community is open to all who seek support. OLGA is not an activist group, nor do OLGA sponsor such organizations. Its message forums are available to all, regardless of bias or opinion. OLGA is here to share its experience, strength and hope and envisage peer-to-peer support. Family and friends are also invited to share experience, compassion, and wisdom. Every day OLGA accumulates and add to its collection of information related to excessive gaming and the issues it creates. Sharing this with its visitors is a primary goal; the aforementioned information is viewable on this OLGA site as it becomes available. There are times when its community cannot adequately address the consequence of excessive gaming and professional help is needed. If you need more support than OLGA offer here, please seek help from a professional. OLGA envisages you to seek one who supports treatment for gaming in the same manner as alcohol or substance abuse. Please choose the tab above which most closely matches its relationship to games so that OLGA may provide information specific to its needs.