Obesity does affect all ages

Get in touch with the granddaddy of all support groups, Overeaters Anonymous (OA). Not only does this group provide meetings in cities throughout the U.S., they also offer online and telephone meetings for those who don’t live near one of those cities.

Eating too much has become a national pastime. Rising rates of obesity in people of all ages reflects our preoccupation with eating. Some people have healthy attitudes toward food, but it becomes a challenge for others. While diet and exercise are important tools with which to meet that challenge, it’s vital for those seeking a healthier relationship with food to find compulsive overeating support groups to ease the journey

Conduct an online search for “overeaters support groups.” There are several other groups besides OA that provide lots of information, education and support.

Check your local phone book for “support groups” or contact community counseling centers that might offer women’s or nutrition support groups. Compulsive overeating gets a lot of discussion in these groups and as a bonus, you may end up making some new friends who understand what you’re going through.

Ask for referrals from other people, including your doctor. Or, if enough people in your area are interested in an overeaters support group, your local hospital may be convinced to provide accommodations for it, provided someone organizes it. If you can’t find anyone for the job, organize it yourself.