You Can Find Affordable Drug Treatment

A lot of people claim they can’t afford to get drug treatment, but that’s just an excuse. These same people can find the money they need to get drugs. However, if you are truly concerned about the cost of rehab, be assured that you can get affordable drug treatment.

Your first approach should be to investigate not-for-profit and publicly funded options. Most communities have at least one such facility, and larger cities may have many. If your addiction is controlled enough that you don’t need detox and can manage your recovery without needing a residential program, outpatient clinics are highly affordable, or even free. Narcotics Anonymous is entirely free of charge, and you can find meetings almost anywhere. Just look in your local phone book or call social services to get a listing of these programs.

If you do need detox, that must be medically monitored. Your local hospital might be a good resource for you, especially if you have health insurance or Medicaid/Medicare. Health insurance might pay for private residential treatment as well. Check your policy if you are lucky enough to be insured.

If you need residential care and you have no insurance to cover the cost, many private facilities will work with you to provide affordable drug treatment. They may be able to set you up with a payment plan that you can manage, or charge you on a sliding scale, or both.

Find Affordable Drug Treatment in Your Area

With money as an issue, you probably don’t want to have to travel far to find affordable drug treatment. You can use the filters on our list of resources to find a treatment center near you. All facilities listed on our site are fully reputable treatment centers.

If you need drug treatment, don’t let the cost stop you. Just think of the much greater cost of continuing your addiction.