Do you have a drinking problem? Do you wonder if you need alcohol abuse treatment?

That you even asked the question of yourself is a good place to start. There’s an old saw that if you wonder if you’re an alcoholic, you probably are. However, the answer is a bit less simplistic than that. Here’s a series of questions to ask yourself:

• Do you lose time from work, school or other commitments because of drinking?
• Do drink to make yourself more relaxed in social situations?
• Is drinking effecting the way people are talking about you?
• Do you feel guilty for how much you drink?
• Is drinking causing money problems?
• Does drinking make you less careful about your loved ones?
• Does drinking make you less ambitious?
• Do you want a drink in the morning?
• Does drinking interfere with your sleep?
• Do you drink to forget about trouble?

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these questions, you are at risk for being an alcoholic and might want to look into an alcohol abuse treatment program.

What to Expect From an Alcohol Abuse Treatment Program

Depending on how heavily you had been drinking these programs can range from counseling and group therapy to a full, in-patient detox. While it might be embarrassing to discuss these problems with your physician, when you’re getting help it’s important to be honest with your physician about exactly how much you drink. Detox is no joke and you may need serious treatment, even if you think your problem hasn’t gotten that bad yet. If you think you might need help, don’t hesitate. Talk to your doctor. An alcohol abuse treatment program might be exactly what you need to get your life on track.