Facilities for Alcohol Rehab in California

For wine lovers, California is a wonderful place to be. From Two-Buck Chuck to the glorious bottles that are the pride of the Napa Valley, wine permeates the culture. However, if your love of wine is doing damage to the other things in your life that you love, you may need to get help from one of the many facilities for alcohol rehab in California.

Are You a Candidate for Alcohol Rehab in California?

Like beer drinkers, many people who overindulge in wine believe that they aren’t alcoholics because they don’t drink hard liquor. Make no mistake: alcohol in excess can cause the same physical, social and emotional problems whether you’re savoring a fine vintage or guzzling rotgut whiskey.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself if you’re wondering whether you’re enjoying wine too much.

  • Have you ever lost time from work or school because of drinking?
  • Do you ever feel guilty about how much you drink?
  • Has anyone ever expressed concern about your drinking?
  • Have you ever resolved to drink less, but been unable to keep that resolution?
  • Have you ever had loss of memory after drinking?
  • Have you ever engaged in dangerous behavior after drinking, such as driving while impaired?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, your drinking may have crossed the line from enjoyment to addiction. If that’s the case, seek help from one of the centers for alcohol rehab in California. There are many for you to choose from, offering a variety of different approaches. Twelve-step (AA), holistic, psychiatric and medical models are among the many options available to you. Browse through our listings of reputable treatment centers to find the one that best suits your life and your particular needs.