Living Sober Doesn’t Not Mean Having A Few Drinks With Friends

During rehab recovering addicts learn a lot about living sober. They are given tools in rehab to help them deal with the stresses in everyday life that cause them to drink and do drugs. Upon exiting rehab it’s normal for a recovering addict to believe that they’ve got a handle on their drinking and drug use and believe that because they stayed sober for thirty days that they do not have a problem. Unfortunately, they decide to do a trial and error type of a thing and have a few drinks to see if they can handle themselves.

Drug Addiction Center: When You’re Court Ordered To Check-In

Not everyone goes to rehab voluntarily. We’ve all seen Lindsay Lohan’s drug and alcohol problems play out in tabloid magazines and on our TV screens. She’s been court ordered to enter a drug addiction center a few times. Like Lindsay when an addict is order to enter rehab by the court they don’t always get the help they need. A lot of times they just do the time and when they exit they go back to drinking and doing drugs.

Addiction Therapy: Sometimes It’s The Break You Need

If you’re a high powered executive or someone whose job puts a lot of demands on you then addiction therapy might be the break you need from the pressures the outside world is causing you. Unfortunately, when you exit rehab you’ll go back to that job that’s causing you stress. While in rehab the best thing you can do is talk to the team of doctors and counselors about your job and the stress that it causes you. See if they can’t help you figure out a way to deal with the stress better.

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