Fighting Living Sober

It’s not out of the norm for an addict to fight living sober. They accepted that they have a drinking problem. They entered rehab, went through detox and therapy and came out the other side a better person but now they are in the real world and all they want to do is drink. They go to BBQ’s and birthday parties and they see their friends sharing a beer or glass of wine with each other and it looks so easy. They feel great. They haven’t had a crazy night with alcohol in awhile and therefore they feel they’ve got their drinking under control, only they don’t.

Drug Addiction Center: Learning About Yourself

People that enter a drug addiction center learn a lot of about themselves. Some people prior to getting help for their addiction problem are stuck in roles that they’ve had since childhood that they desperately want to get out of but can’t. Everyone sees them as this person and therefore they are so worried about disappointing people that they don’t even allow themselves to be who they really want to be. A lot of addicts learn this about themselves that they are stuck in a role and because they feel they have to be this person they drink or do drugs as a coping mechanism.

Living Outside Of Drug Rehab Services

Once you exit drug rehab services you enter into a totally different world. It’s the: I’m no longer in this protective world where my problems are at bay and I’m able to get help for my drug problem. The world you are in now is the world you left only now you are back to it drug free. The idea is to remain drug free but that is easier said than done for a lot of addicts. Some addict rehab and go right back into doing drugs. That’s because they never accepted the things that they learned about themselves in rehab and they just went through the motions. They planned on going back to drugs.