Okay, so you have decided that weed has done a number on your life. It has put a strain on your finances, your family relationships, and you have lost a lot of friends who don’t regularly smoke Marijuana. The first step is that you need to decide that from this point on, YOU ARE FINISHED SMOKING WEED FOR GOOD. You are not done for a couple days, a couple weeks, or a couple months. You are finished for good. To start out you need to get rid of everything in your house that relates to smoking marijuana, all your pipes, bongs, rolling papers, ash trays, incense, and Weed Jars. You can merely go throw it away, go give it to a friend who still smokes, or do what I did, Toss it into the Lake nearby. It felt good to toss all that crap into a lake, somewhere that I will not be able to get this stuff back without spending money. Meaning I would have to go back to a Pipe shop and buy these items again. So now I have just not only committed to quitting, but I have thrown away all weed related items and I took a financial loss as those items are not cheap. Re-investing in them would not only cost me money, but it would ruin my commitment to quitting. Okay so now you are back home and it is your first day quitting. You are sitting there wondering what the hell you are going to do with yourself, you are so bored. So the first thing I did was I went and I joined a local health club. I began to start working out right away after membership was set. Man did I sweat like you wouldn’t believe. All the toxins starting to come out of my body. Not only did this relax me, I felt like it increased my chances of getting decent nights sleep the first 3-4 nights. Those were the hardest nights to sleep.

So now you have gone out and found a new hobby, whether it be working out, biking, playing a guitar, playing video games, watching movies, taking walks, going for runs, catching up with friends and family who you haven’t spoken with in years. You are finding that you were spending a ton of time wasting away while smoking bowl after bowl or joint after joint or bong after bong. You were pretty damn comfortable just sitting around doing nothing. All of sudden all your problems are forgotten and next time they pop up, you just smoked again. Instead you are beginning to realize that working out, talking with friends and family, riding a bike, listening to music, all feel pretty good. You don’t have to be high to listen to music, watch TV, go see a movie or watch a movie at home. OMG, who would of thought. Not me, when I was a stoner, that’s all I used to do was get high before I did anything. It was freaking ridiculous.

So anyways you need to make sure that you are not slacking at work, you can’t lose your job while you are fighting a battle that no one else but possibly your family and friends are aware of. So you need to start eating better. You need to eat a ton of fruit and vegetables, you need to drink 10 bottles of water a day, you need to start taking a multi-vitamin. And if the anxiety is so bad, that you think you are going to freak out, maybe you need to talk to your family doctor about going on an anti-anxiety medicine or a muscle relaxer. This could help you calm down and maybe concentrate on your new hobby. Although the antidepressant or social anxiety medicines take time to work, the muscle relaxer’s do wonders to make you feel calm. If you take them as prescribed they are not addictive and there is nothing to worry about. Most family doctors can prescribe these. But these alone aren’t the answer, you need to have a positive attitude, be eating healthy, drinking a ton of water, and getting good amounts of rest. Your body is not a machine, it takes some time to get back to the good old healthy you, especially if you were smoking as much as me. I was smoking between 5-10 bowls of FLAME weed a day. I would also smoke bongs, joints, and blunts on occasion. So if you smoked less then me good for you, maybe your withdrawal won’t be as severe, but if you are in the same boat as me in your smoking patterns, it’s going to be tough. Don’t be surprised within the first 1-2 weeks you experience nausea, headaches, body aches, and extreme fatigue.

So now you are in 1-2 week period time frame, you are struggling. You really want to smoke. Your buddies keep calling saying come over, let’s smoke, but you know you don’t want to. DON’T GIVE IN. If you do give in, make it once and really crack down on yourself for giving in. Every battle has its down falls and don’t give up if you make a mistake. I did within the first 3 weeks and I went right back to being weed free the next day. Anyhow you need to re-focus on getting back in touch with what used to make you happy when you didn’t smoke, your family, your weed-free friends, your pets, the fact that you have more money in your pocket, traveling for fun, going to movies, going out bowling, whatever it may be. You need to concentrate on staying away from people who smoke weed, it is a tendency that they will try and pull you back in because they don’t want to feel like they are the only one smoking. TRUST ME, they want you to smoke with them, its just the way it goes. It’s hard to be with these people as you can do it briefly, but constantly hanging out with these people will bring you back to step 1 and you will be throwing out the weed and pipes you just re-invested in. TAKE ONE DAY AT A TIME. EAT BREAKFAST, EAT LUNCH, EAT DINNER, TAKE YOUR MULTI-VITAMIN. I know for the first week eating can be tough, but you have to push yourself and eat. Not only will you feel better, but it will get easier up until within 2-3 weeks you get your full appetite back without smoking weed. It’s amazing how your body will come back, you just need to give it time. Keep drinking lots of water and make sure you are exercising. You need to exercise to keep relaxed. It will help you keep calm and from freaking out. Sometimes when people quit smoking weed you can get irritated by just about anything, people are annoying, little things get to you that never bothered you before. You need to take a step back and say these things aren’t worth getting mad about. I am just trying to quit weed and I am struggling, I don’t want to get angry at anyone else because that will make me more upset and create a whole new bad situation. I had anger issues the first month, but let me tell you, it gets better after the first month.

Get Support For Marijuana Cessation
Now you have been doing this for 1-2 weeks or less, you can use this web sites as references. One is a day to day guide to quitting weed for the first 30 days, I found this incredibly helpful.

Marijuana Anonymous 12-Step Support Group
Okay here is a website that was extremely helpful, especially if you feel like your family is not there to provide support, here is Marijuana Anonymous a group of people also who are committed to quitting smoking weed and they are here to help. They offer outside meetings, but they also offer an online chat. I used this almost daily for the first month. Here is a link to their website. They are not in it for the money, they are in it to help you quit weed, stay away from weed, and relate to people who are in the same boat you are. You will be amazed how much support you will get from the online chats. I was stunned how many people are struggling with this battle also. I literally lived on the online chats whenever they were active, certain times each day. You will see the times on their website. It is a mediated chat and each person get’ s a chance to share what they are going through and provide support to all the others in the chat. It is completely anonymous, but it is just incredible.