This article is about the two experiences that act as bookends for many people entering a drug rehab: detox programs and sober living homes. We’ll briefly go over how a detox program works and why it’s necessary for most people before they can begin addiction treatment. Then, we’ll talk about the sober living home option and even give you some advice on sober living Orange County homes.

Sober Living Before and After Detox Programs

Before you can successfully begin drug rehab, if you’ve used drugs and alcohol for a long time or in high quantities, you should enter a medical detox program for your own safety. RecoveryNowTV is one of the few drug rehab centers that has a medical detox program in our rehab facility. A lot of rehabs ship out the patients to some other place for their detox program before they’re brought back to the rehab for addiction treatment.

At RecoveryNowTV, we like to keep everything under one roof so that you don’t feel shuttled around and disjointed in your early recovery. During our detox program and treatment, RecoveryNowTV will be your home away from home. We do everything we can to make you feel that way.

Home Living Sober After Drug Rehab

We know that in early recovery it’s hard to go back to your family or empty home and do home living sober. You’re used to using and drinking in that environment, not staying clean and sober. For that reason and a ton of others, a sober living home could be your best bet in staying sober after drug treatment. Lucky for you, there are a couple acclaimed Orange County sober living homes that we have close affiliations with.

Once you’re done with drug treatment, you can move straight from our treatment center to sober living Orange County locations. We have partnered with top-notch mens and womens Orange County sober living facilities in Dana Point, California, a beautiful seaside town with perfect weather and sweeping Pacific views.