LDS Family Services Addiction Recovery Program


LDS Family Services Addiction Recovery Program affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that uses twelve-step principles.

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The Mormon Church, also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), has long acknowledged the problem of addiction and the need for rehabilitation. In response, the church established the LDS Family Services Addiction Recovery Program, a 12-step support group for addicts. This program is unique in that it mixes the 12 step program’s principles with those of the LDS faith. In this essay, we will examine the LDS Family Services Addiction Recovery Program’s history, organization, and philosophy, as well as its advantages and disadvantages. 




In response to the increasing need for addiction rehabilitation programs within the LDS community, the LDS Family Services Addiction Recovery Program was founded in the 1990s. At the time, church members battling with addiction had limited access to services, and many resorted to standard 12-step programs or secular treatment clinics for assistance. 


Formerly known as the LDS Social Services Addiction Rehabilitation Program, its primary concentration was on drug misuse. As the program progressed and evolved, it extended to embrace a larger variety of addictive behaviors, such as gambling, pornography, and other types of compulsive behavior. 




The LDS Family Services Addiction Recovery Program adheres to the typical 12-step format used by other recovery programs, but with an LDS twist. Typically, meetings are conducted in LDS church facilities and are led by volunteers who have successfully completed the curriculum. The gatherings are accessible to everybody, regardless of religious affiliation. 


Participants in the program are guided through the 12 stages by a sponsor who is also a member of the program. The stages are based on the principles of the LDS church and are intended to help individuals strengthen their connection with God. 


In addition to the 12 stages, the program provides a range of additional rehabilitation resources and tools. Group treatment, individual counseling, instructional materials, and access to community resources may be among these. 




The LDS Family Services Addiction Recovery Program derives its concept from the principles of the LDS faith. The program is founded on the premise that addiction is a spiritual illness requiring a spiritual remedy. Participants are urged to seek God’s assistance and depend on their faith throughout the rehabilitation process. 


In addition, the program stresses the need of family and community support throughout the rehabilitation process. Participants are urged to include their loved ones in their recovery path and to seek help from church and community members. 




A significant advantage of the LDS Family Services Addiction Recovery Program is the participants’ strong feeling of community and support. Participants are able to interact with individuals who share their values and views since the program is conducted and attended by members of the LDS church. This is particularly vital for people who, owing to their addiction, may feel alienated or separated from their community. 


Participants might be very motivated by the program’s focus on spirituality and religion. Prior to turning to God and seeking His assistance in the recovery process, many individuals may have lacked a sense of purpose and direction. 


Participants get access to a number of information and tools, which is another advantage of the program. Participants have access to a variety of educational materials, counseling services, and community resources to aid in their recovery path, in addition to the conventional 12 steps. 




There are disadvantages to the LDS Family Services Addiction Rehab Program, despite its numerous advantages. The program’s major focus on religion and spirituality is one of the program’s key priorities. Although this may be a beneficial for some participants, people who do not share the LDS religion or who prefer a more secular approach to rehabilitation may be turned off by this.