Neurotics Anonymous is a predecessor of EA. Emotional Health Anonymous (EHA), was created independently.

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Neurotics Anonymous is a 12-step support organization that provides aid and assistance to those with anxiety, depression, and other mental health difficulties. The group is committed to assisting persons who are experiencing emotional challenges and wish to learn good symptom management. 

The Background of Neurotics Anonymous 

Phil Barker, who also suffered from melancholy and anxiety, established Neurotics Anonymous in the United Kingdom in 1987. Barker founded the group in order to provide assistance and direction to those coping with similar challenges. 

Neurotics Anonymous has increased in popularity since its inception, and there are now organizations in several countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Like with other 12-step programs, the purpose of Neurotics Anonymous is to assist people in developing a healthy connection with a higher power and in learning how to regulate their emotions. The program encourages participants to seek the assistance and counsel of others and to take responsibility for their own emotional health. 

Meetings and Assistance 

Meetings of Neurotics Anonymous are conducted in different places across the globe and are accessible to anybody battling with emotional issues. The sessions are intended to provide a secure environment in where participants may discuss their experiences, ask for assistance, and get direction and support from others who are experiencing similar difficulties.