Schizophrenics Anonymous is a self-help group to help people who are affected by schizophrenia to cope with the disease.

National 12 step meetings and Anonymous Groups is a growing repository of meeting data for all well-known established 12 step groups. From coast-to-coast in the USA, this is a growing and free resource to update meetings for all anonymous 12 step groups. The purpose is simple. Provide necessary logistics via maps, precisely the location of a community of people seeking recovery in a private setting. Often times, there isn’t one resource that compiles the meeting locations for all groups, thereby making attendance quite difficult and threatening to one’s recovery. We hope that with your participation, we collectively are able to achieve this goal.

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Schizophrenic Disorders & Treatments - Schizophrenia–a serious, chronic mental illness–makes up approximately one-third of U.S. homeless and a quarter of all mental health costs. Many afflicted are unable to hold jobs and live normal, well-adjusted lives, and thus the disorder places an undue burden on the public health system. While serious, however, it is treatable, and the only way to…