In spite of the apparent over saturation of anger management awareness there still seems to be a lots of confusion about what anger management is and when it is suitable. Every person whose anger is severe is not appropriate for anger management. Those who have persistent mental health problems, are drug addicted, have a history of domestic violence may not be appropriate for anger management or may benefit from anger management only if the anger management class is also combined with treatment by a licensed mental health profession. Anyone whose anger is severe, frequent, intense and long lasting should seek the advice of an anger management professional.

What really is an anger management class?

Contrary to public perception anger management is a class. It is neither counseling nor psychotherapy. Anger management interventions are structured classes that are built on the premise that the way anger is expressed is learned therefore can be unlearned. To improve the credibility of the information received in an anger management class it is important that the instructor be certified. There are 3-4 major certifying organizations in the country however only one has set the standard and has received global acceptance. That organization is Anderson and Anderson, a Los Angeles based organization that has certified thousands across the globe in anger management. This model purports that true anger management should involve a focus on anger management as well as communication skills, emotional intelligence and stress management. Therefore, it is my opinion that any anger management class that is worth its salt should include these four components.

Are there different types of anger management classes?

Generally, anger management classes are given in group format however there are times when high level executives, doctor, lawyers, nurses, pilots and business owners request private sessions. These sessions are known as executive coaching.

These sessions are structured to take a coaching format. The client receives extensive testing in anger management and emotional intelligence as well as individual anger management sessions that focus on improving productivity, reducing stress, improving communication and decision making skills. All these components come together to improve anger management. Often these high profile individual have to deal with stressors that make it difficult for them to make decisions appropriately. This level of stress can lead to anger outbursts that alienate them and can have legal consequences that are threatening to their careers with disastrous financial consequences. Therefore, taking some time to have coaching on effective ways to manage anger is a smart choice to consider before anger negatively affects their career.

Anger management is appropriate for many
There are a wide range of individuals who seek help for problems with anger from individuals, to the stay-at-home mom and even the high level executive. Each situation is totally different therefore it is important that a certified anger management facilitator assesses whether anger management is right for you. If your anger is too regular, too severe, too intense, get the proper medical treatment assistance from a certified anger management provider.