Narcotics Anonymous is it for you?

Narcotics Anonymous or NA is a 12 step program that is similar to the other non-profit organization: Alcoholics Anonymous. This program is designed to help people who have a drug problem. However, not every drug addict can enter NA and have success. It takes a good level of will power to make it through.

Depending on the drug, the habit can be very difficult to beat. Someone who is trying to kick a cocaine habit that has been a part of them for years may have a difficult time in Narcotics Anonymous. However, someone who has had surgery recently and grew attached to opiates like Vicodin, but haven’t been abusing them long may find comfort in the NA program. However, all you really need to beat your addiction is the desire to stop using drugs.

Know the Effectiveness of Programs like Narcotics Anonymous before Enrolling

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to tell you the percentage of success NA has or will have with you, because there are so many types of drugs people are addicted to. If it were Alcoholics Anonymous it would be simple, as the only drug in the mix would be alcohol. NA has so many varieties of drugs that individual studies have not been done to that extreme. There is no percentage on how many cocaine users versus how many heroin users succeed with the program. Simply, if you want to beat your addiction through Narcotics Anonymous, do your research; show up to meetings and follow the program. If you follow the program and remain strong through the 12 steps, you will see sobriety.